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Annual Direction Seminar 2020 Kumon Indonesia

KUMON literally changed the way our children learn. First, Math. Then other subjects. It started as a big challenge to a Japanese single mom on how to teach her son in these subjects, when it was actually love and affection that discover the real learning method, as we know it today, as one of the most life-changing learning method

Including the fact that all Kumon business owners must be women, Kumon holds these nationwide conferences several times a year to make sure that they are still in the same frequency, spirit and affection on making sure that all students and children can maximize their potentials.

We are very delighted to be the event organizer of this great occasion. To be one of the best organizers in Jakarta and Indonesia, is always our vision. To organize your corporate events (conference/seminar, corporate gathering, exhibition, gala dinner, awarding night, brand activation, product launching, etc) is always our mission

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