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BG Indonesia @ GIIAS 2019, ICE BSD (2)

Press conference with nationwide and specific media is also one of the ways to expose your product / service / values to the world. Once you be able to deliver the great 'news' with value of real news, then the media will most likely publish your story

BG Indonesia is here at GIIAS 2019 to give solutions (and demonstrations) on how to maximize and deep-clean your engines with such effective and efficient chemical technology. Thank you also to the participating car communities and we hope you find your (new) way to maintain your cars and bikes!

To be one of the best event organizers in Jakarta and Indonesia, is always our vision. To organize your corporate events (conference/seminar, corporate gathering, exhibition, gala dinner, awarding night, brand activation, product launching, etc) and make them memorable is always our mission

#PartyForEveryone #GroovyEO #EventOrganizerJakarta

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