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Synnex Metrodata Indonesia with Microsoft and Dell EMC S2D

Event managements and experimental marketing have been one of the top to-do priorities for many companies, including IT product manufacturers and distributors. This is what and how Synnex Metrodata Indonesia is doing, in order to manage many brands and products under its business supervision

This time, Microsoft and Dell collaborate to introduce new chain of products and also line of technology to their top distributors

We are very delighted to be the event organizer of this great occasion. To be one of the best organizers in Jakarta and Indonesia, is always our vision. To organize your corporate events (conference/seminar, corporate gathering, exhibition, gala dinner, awarding night, brand activation, etc) is always our mission

#PartyForEveryone #GroovyEO #EventOrganizerJakarta

Opening MC by Yani SMI

Product Update Microsoft by Mr. Yonatahan from SMI

Photo session with all end user and smi's team

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